Who am I?

Ahoy! I’m Stefan C. Asafti, designer and co-founder of ASC Studio. I have been working as a professional designer for over 12 years. During this time I have created hundreds of successful brand identities. Part of my portfolio is available here. However, I feel the need to pass forward the knowledge gathered during this time. I am a person that likes to share his ideas with others and I'm willing to help creatives improve. It is why I created MTLBetter.

About the project

Can you handle a raw critique and take the best from it?
Great! Welcome!

Time is precious...we all know that, but I'm willing to give a bit of it to you. Whether you are a design student, freelancer or a professional and you might need a second opinion or another pair of eyes, to improve your designs, here I am.

Send your logo concept to iwill@makethelogobetter.com in jpg, png or pdf format, one logo per email, at a minimum resolution of 1000x1000px (I need to dive into details, you know). It is very-very important to add a description of your logo concept. Give me the wide perspective and some clues to follow. I need to know what you aim at.

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Learn. Improve. Repeat.

You will get a comprehensive critique of your logo in PDF format. Something that sticks and you can reflect on. Depending on your logo I can say less or I can say more, but I'll do my best to be as informative as possible.

Get Featured

To get your awesome logo featured in the Instagram gallery all your need to do is improve the logo on which you received the critique and send it back to me. The best logo makeovers get featured in the gallery.

Take in consideration

Design is about creativity. In order to be creative you need to be original. Please be original in your work. I can smell bullshit a mile away. Also, I will only select those logos which I consider to have the potential of evolving, and the best improvements will get featured in the MTLBetter Instagram gallery. 
The critique will be constructed based on my personal experience as a designer. I might be subjective at times, but try to see it constructively and apply what appeals to you. Your design will be in safe hands. It will be published only with your approval. My goal is to give you as much added value as possible and review as many logos as I can. Try to understand if sometimes it will take a while for you to receive my feedback. I'm just a human being caught into a continuum transfunctioner. But I'll try my best.